Home Blessings For All

Home Blessings For All

It’s that time of year when friends, family and loved ones are packing and making a move to their new homes, near and far, in time to settle their children into a new school year in a new community.


It was exactly 20 years ago when our family packed up our home for our move from Long Island to the beautiful Hudson Valley. A move to the country, but not too far from our lifelong home, keeping us close enough to enjoy visits with our many friends who we are still blessed to have today. Many of these friends gifted us Mezuzahs, which adorn the doorways of our home.

Mezuzahs make wonderful gifts for any new or old home owner, or even to welcome a new baby; traditionally placed at the front entrance of the home. Since we usually enter our home through the garage, we’ve got one at that entryway, as well. Most activity happens when we enter our open floorplan through the kitchen, so of course we have one there, too! It is believed that by placing a mezuzah, tilted forward on the right side of the door and entryways of the home bring luck, peace and protection to all who pass through.

Our Home Blessing paper cut designs offer an immediate sense of peace and comfort to the new homeowner. With many to choose from you'll easily find that unique gift. Want to make it even more special? Personalization is available on most designs.


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