New Wedding Glass Mezuzahs

New Wedding Glass Mezuzahs

Help to create a meaningful keepsake of their special day by gifting one of Glenn Grubard’s newest designs.

After the wedding glass is stepped on, and the “Mazel Tov’s” are cheered, a wedding tube mezuzah is the perfect way to save the shards as a reminder of their love for one another that they can cherish each day.

The tradition of breaking the glass is a symbolic hope that it will take as many years together in happiness as it would take to collect all of the pieces of glass and reassemble them.



Each unique mezuzah is precision cut from mahogany wood, hand-painted, and based on anodized aluminum with self adhesive backing. Help make their wedding day everlasting and unforgettable, creating a beautiful memento from their smashed glass shards.

There’s nothing better than seeing this beautiful reminder of your wedding day and commitment to each other each time you enter and exit your home!



In addition to the several wedding glass mezuzah designs, Glenn's original paper-cut designs are unique gifts for newlyweds or couples celebrating their dedication and lives together. 

Mezuzahs are available with a kosher or non-kosher scroll, gift boxed and ready for giving, paper-cuts all come framed and under glass.



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