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Birkat H'Bayit


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"May those who enter this home enjoy love, hope, peace, happiness & joy".  In the home, the Birkat Habayit is traditionally hung on the wall next to the front door or next to a window: it is meant to drive any evil spirits out of the house and protect the occupants within. Besides bringing a blessing upon the home, variations from around the world are also seen as brilliant works of art and are often given as housewarming gifts.

Glenn’s unique paper-cut creations are digitally designed on archival museum board (which meets the Library of Congress standards for archival properties), precision cut and hand-painted with eco-friendly acrylic paints, resulting in a beautiful metallic finish. His designs add inspirational saying to encourage and motivate. Perfect for gifts or as part of a collection.

Available in 8” x 8” & 12” x 12” Framed under glass.