Everlasting Valentine’s Gifts

Everlasting Valentine’s Gifts

Known as the holiday of love and romance, Valentine’s Day brings the exchange of cards, candy, flowers and jewelry. But why just one day to express your undying sentiments to your sweetheart? Cards get tossed or tucked away, candy gets eaten, flowers wilt and jewelry boxes are filled with shiny hearts.

This year how about a permanent gift of love to be displayed year-round, adorning your walls with a keepsake of your everlasting adoration for your honey. With many designs to choose from, you can gift your beloved a piece of art that expresses how you feel every day!


Have a favorite quote or one of your own? Would you like to include your names or a date? No problem! Customization is always special and makes every design unique to its recipient.


Precision cut and hand-painted, Glenn’s three-dimensional creations result in an exclusive metallic finish. His expressions of faith, love and inspiration are meant to encourage, strengthen and motivate.


Wishing you much happiness, love and romance!
Glenn (and his forever Valentine, Sloane)


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